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water heater installations

During the hot Arizona summers people may not realize their water heater is not working properly.  Most water heater problems are discovered in the winter when the outside temperature lowers.  In any case, replacing a water heater is sometimes necessary due to mechanical failure or leaks.

Specialty skills are required for proper installation of water supply lines, electrical hookup, and plumbing adjustments for the pressure relief valve and drain.  With our standard installation services we will be glad to order, deliver, and install your new water heater fast.  Lacking hot water for your dishwasher, shower, and laundry can really hinder your home life.  We understand the need for a proper working water heater and ensure fast and professional service to our customers.

Customers are not required to purchase the water heater and supplies from us.  If you chose to purchase your own water heater we will be glad to perform the installation, and, remove your old unit for disposal.

In some cases the water heater leaks and damages drywall and the platform that most water heaters stand on.  If this is the case we can evaluate what would be needed for repairs and provide an estimate.  This type of repair happens from time to time and we are here to provide our customers with a complete installation and repair service at a reasonable price.

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