Washer & Dryer Installations

Ensuring the proper installation of a washer or dryer are a top priority for us.  If installations are not done correctly a home owner could experience severe damage to their appliance, floors, walls, and most importantly the possibility of loss of life from a fire.  We take our installation services seriously and make sure it is done right.

Depending on your appliance choice there are many different supplies that may be needed to complete your installation.  Clamps, water supply hoses, dryer power cords, dryer gas supply line, and various ventilation options.  We carry all the supplies you may need for your installation.  We ensure proper gas line hook up (if applicable) and check for any possible leak.  The same check applies to the water supply lines to your washer.

One of the most important checks when installing a dryer is to ensure proper ventilation.  If a dryer vent is not correctly installed the risk of fire increases due to lent buildup.  Clothes will also take longer to dry if there is not proper air flow through the machine. 

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