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Ice Makers

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Water Filters

When people talk about installing a refrigerator or freezer this could be somewhat misleading.  Your new unit is delivered and all that is needed in most cases is to plug it in and connect the water supply line if you have one.  That's it. 

However, not all freezers come with an ice maker.  And, not all homes have a dedicated water supply line installed to supply your refrigerator and ice maker.  That's where we can help.  If necessary, we can install a water supply line for you.  If your freezer does not come with an ice maker, or, your current ice maker is defective, we carry ice makers in stock and we install them at a reasonable price.

If you would like to replace an old water filter for your refrigerator we can order the correct part for you and install it.  If you enjoy to do-it-yourself, we can order the correct filter for you as well so you can replace the filter yourself.  Either way we are here to help.

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